There are two ways to send calls to API. Either using your password, or using Webservice token. To generate your Webservice token, visit, login into your account, go to "Change Details" section and click on "Generate Token" and than "Update"

Than you can use the API calls using either


curl -u "username:password"




curl -u "username/token:<token_number>"


although using token is more secure, so we recommend this method.

To generate new license, you first have to get your available licences


curl -u "username/token:<token_number>" 


Next you will need HWID from your License manager. You can get it from GUI of the License Manger or by executing LicenseManager.exe with parameter id, e.g. "LicenseManager.exe id". LicenseManager will create file id.txt in current folder that contains hardware ID of the computer.

Next you can generate the license using


curl -u "username/token:<token_number>" "<licenseplan_id>.xml?hwid=<hwid>&note=<note>"  


where <licenseplan_id> is the number of plan from list of your licences, <hwid> is your HWID and <note> is optional parameter

For more information regarding API visit