This depends on how you distribute your application. If you install it yourself, the easiest and manual route is to install our SDK including the LicenseManager and generate the license on our CRM site ( Another option is to ask your users for hardware ID and send the license file back to the user.

Obtaining HW ID can be automated:

  1. You can get hardware ID of client computer programmatically using IEngine_GetHardwareId() IDKit API call (IDKit.GetHardwareId in .NET).
  2. LicenseManager accepts parameter "-id" on command line and generates file id.txt in current folder that contains the hardware ID so that your software can report hardware ID without user's assistance.
  3. It's possible to use universal license which will work with every HW ID (please contact for more details).

License generation process can be automated using REST API (see for more details).

Automated license deployment:

  1. License installation is merely a file copy operation (Please see topic Where is license file located? for license location).
  2. License content can be in application in-memory buffer and IDKit can be initialized with IEngine_InitWithLicense (IDKit.GetInstance(byte[]) in .NET). Please see topic How to secure universal license?.