This is a known issue. The Hardware ID is computed from primary HDD ID and CPU ID:

  • HDD ID is encrypted in first 8 characters of HW ID string.

  • CPU ID is encrypted in second 8 characters of HW ID string.

When you compare the two different Hardware IDs, you can see that second 8 characters didn't change so the CPU ID is the same but HDD ID has changed. Usually it happens on computers with multiple primary HDDs (e.g., RAID is used). It seems that Windows gives you HDDs in different order.


The solution is to use License Manager - Server Edition. This version of License Manager computes HW ID from MAC addresses of some network ethernet cards. So you have to generate new license using HW ID generated by License Manager - Server Edition and then deploy it.


Please note that HW ID generated by Server Edition of License Manager can change in case network card was replaced or MAC address of network card was changed by user. If more network cards are present at least one network card ID has to match for license to be valid.