However, when working with latent fingerprints, you will need an adapted GUI that will make possible for the AFIS operator to specify where the latent fingerprint is located in the image (often there may be more latent fingerprints in the same image, etc..).

Our products can be used for matching latent fingerprints against other latent fingerprints. With latent fingerprints, it is very difficult to use automated search without manually editing the input image. Latent fingerprints tend to have a lot of false minutiae points and their quality is not very good. In order to achieve good accuracy it is necessary to manually edit fingerprint in a special software (something like Photoshop for fingerprints). Human operator has usually to remove spurious minutiae points incorrectly found by SDK and has also to chose the zone of interest in mentioned special software (as sometimes there are more prints in latent image, or background is very noisy and SDK cannot determine reliable where is the fingerprint and where is only noise).
In conclusion, with our products you can do rather limited latent prints search, but you will not be able to do fingerprint editing and your results will be less accurate.