• it’s important to update the license file iengine.lic on the all managing nodes.

  • checking the actual license:

/opt/innovatrics/license-manager/bin./license_manager_server -l
Found valid license

other option is to check via WebAFIS GUI where it’s also possible to upload the license for the active node (besides that license must be activated also on the backup nodes as described in the following steps):

  • generating HW ID for a new license creation:

./license_manager_server -p

  • checking the new license somewhere at the temporary location:

./license_manager_server -i /home/centos/iengine.lic

  • Applying new license (for the standby or a backup node this is the only possible option):

sudo /opt/innovatrics/license-manager/bin/license_manager_server_cli -d iengine.lic -t 2 -f
License was deployed in: /etc/innovatrics/iengine.lic

Relevant ABIS version: 5.x - Any