When delivering Innovatrics ABIS, license can have (and usually has) an Expiry date configured based on the purchase order. We recommend you to mark this date in your calendars and contact us before the expiration date in case you want to extend the license. 

If you have encountered the License has expired issue, you should do the following

  1. Please contact your sales representative, who will agree on new license agreement. If you do not have the direct contact anymore, please contact sales@innovatrics.comor create a ticket in this Support portal
    • In case of a production level emergency a short temporary license (for up to 60 days) can be provided until the business talks are closed (the response time can vary based on your SLA).
  2. After the agreements are closed, our delivery team can deploy the license for you using remote access, which should be provided by you.

Relevant ABIS version: Any