If you check monitoring tool (below is an example for AFIS version 5.2) and the component status looks like this (Dispatcher  and Matcher are down)

  1. Check the license and check if it is still valid. Mainly if the expiry date is still in the future and the HWID in license and the HWID of the device is not different
    • In the logs you can check for errors like "IDKitDispatcher::initIDKit - Failed to initialize IDKit. License is expired. (Error code: 50002)"
  2. If the license has expired, please refer to https://support.innovatrics.com/a/solutions/articles/13000077279
  3. If the HWID has changed, a short temporary license can be provided. 
    • As HWID should not change without hardware change, please provide an information what has changed in your hardware setup. Based on this new regular license will be provided or new business agreement will need to take place (e.g. in case you have extended the cluster or change it completely without previously informing us)

Relevant ABIS version: 3.x - 7.x