Each problem is different and sometimes it's hard to figure out the reason for the problem. Anyway, there are some points to keep and then you can get as relevant answer as possible.

1. Introduce yourself. It's hard to identify the customer if we don't know what company is he working for. Especially, if the company name is not a part of his email. That is mostly not a problem, but sometimes customers want a new license or they want to replace not working license.

2. Inform us about all the helpful details. A well-reported ticket is something that we can investigate right after we receive it. All the environment details like platform, SDK version, programming language are very helpful for us. If it is possible, you can send us a runnable code snippet (database also, if necessary), console log, stack trace or something where is an error or exception displayed.

3. Search for an issue in our Solutions. Maybe the issue you are facing is a common issue that was documented and you will find a detailed process on how to fix the issue.