Capture ID -> Selfie -> Liveness check -> OCR results review -> Verification

  • ID usually goes first to avoid the situation when the user does not have the ID and would onlywaste time with the first two steps (unless the app is built in a way that all the steps are saved, andthe onboarding is completed when all the steps are done, regardless of the timing).
  • As OCR is slower than all other operations (depending on the HW infrastructure performance andnetwork speed), we recommend splitting the OCR in two steps:
    • Capture / upload the photos of the ID, then continue with Selfie & Liveness
    • Provide the OCR results for a review
    • Continue to Verification
  • Selfie is taken before Liveness so it can be used for continuous verification during liveness
  • You can also compare images from Selfie, ID and Liveness segments for added security