IMatcher or IDispatcher doesn't start on Windows due to database error after reboot, service is set as automatic.

Cause and solution:

  • Possible cause is that starting database service takes more than matcher service. Matcher has to have dependency to sql service. AFIS will then wait until your sql service is started.This can be done by  command sc config "Innovatrics Matcher" depend= <sql service name> example: sc config "Innovatrics Matcher" depend= "MSSql Service". Space char has to be after depend
  • You can also set recovery action when failure occurs. (reboot, restart etc.) Go to control panel->administrative tools->service->click on Innovatrics matcher-> recoverySet all three comboboxes to "Restart the Service" or use this command sc failure "Innovatrics Matcher" reset= 30 actions= restart/5000 which means that matcher will restart in five second after failure.

Relevant ABIS version: 3.x - 7.x