IDKit SDK and ExpressID AFIS supports ANSI/ISO template export only.
Technically it's not possible to create ICS template (Innovatrics proprietary format) from ANSI/ISO template.
ICS template can be created (extracted) only from fingerprint image.
ANSI/ISO templates cannot be imported into IDKit SDK, because ANSI/ISO templates do not support fast 1:N identification (the accuracy would be low). If you need just 1:1 verification, We recommend to use our ANSI/ISO SDK which has full support for ANSI/ISO templates. Our customers who need both fast identification and ANSI/ISO templates generally use both IDKit SDK and ANSI/ISO SDK and synchronize them through the ANSI template export function in IDKit SDK (IEngine_ExportUserTemplate format ANSI/ISO).
It means that you can do ANSI/ISO export from ICS templates from IDKit and ExpressID AFIS anytime.

One solution for import of ANSI/ISO templates is to use ANSI/ISO PLUS format. ANSI/ISO PLUS template exported from IDKit SDK contains standard ANSI/ISO template and ICS template as attachment. Therefore this can be imported back into IDKit.
It means that only IDKit exported ANSI/ISO PLUS templates can be imported back into IDKit.