Lumidigm sensors can produce extended ANSI 378 templates (called ANSI 378+) which contain embedded Innovatrics template. Contact Lumidigm for instructions on how to obtain the ANSI 378+ template from sensor and how to extract Innovatrics template from within ANSI 378+ template.

Once you have Innovatrics templates, it is easy to use IDKit SDK to implement your project. I assume there is no obstacle to using ANSI 378+ templates (as opposed to plain ANSI 378 templates). If you have contractual obligations to use ANSI 378 templates, this requirement is satisfied by the ability of IDKit SDK to convert Innovatrics templates to ANSI 378 (plain) templates at any time. This way you can claim compliance with ANSI 378 standard and get advantages of Innovatrics templates (high accuracy, high speed, easy to use SDK) at the same time.