Open properties of service Innovatrics Matcher/Dispatcher/Node. Check path, working folder, and command arguments passed to the Matcher/Dispatcher/Node. It is possible you have two Matchers/Dispatchers/Nodes or two configuration files on the same PC.   

Most likely you had Matcher/Dispatcher/Node running during installation. Service entry is not upgraded properly when the service is running. If you want to fix Innovatrics Matcher/Dispatcher/Node entry in Services list, stop the Matcher/Dispatcher/Node and execute these two commands from Matcher/Dispatcher/Node folder:   

  • IMatcher --service remove  
  • IMatcher --service install -c IMatcher.xml  


  • IDispatcher --service remove  
  • IDispatcher --service install -c IMatcher.xml  


  • INode --service remove  
  • INode --service install -c IMatcher.xml