If I have an IDKit instance connected to a database. Does the instance remove the old database from RAM when I connect that instance to another database?


IDKit instances have their SQLite databases loaded in RAM memory and before every connection to another database, they remove an old database from the RAM memory.

For example, if you have 2 databases - myDatabase1.sqlite and myDatabase2.sqlite, the following code

IDKit myInstance= new IDKit();

myInstance.connect("myDatabase1.sqlite"); //this loads the whole database into RAM

// register user, find user, remove user, etc.

myInstance.connect("myDatabase2.sqlite"); // firstly, the myDatabase1.sqlite will be removed from RAM, 

// and after that the myDatabase2.sqlite is loaded to RAM

In case you have multiple IDKit instances and you want them to be connected to different databases simultaneously (each instance has its own database), the RAM memory will grow and every database will be loaded in RAM at the same time.