IDKit SDK and Segmentation SDK both uses iengine.lic file as license. This is conflict and at the moment it's not possible to deploy both at the same time. Please use following workaround.

You have to use either IEngine_InitWithLicense() method from IDKit SDK or ISegLib_SetLicenseContent() method from Segmentation SDK in order to init the SDK with correct license content. The input argument to those methods is license file content (so you have to load the content of license file into memory buffer).


C/C++ API.NET C# Java
IEngine_InitWithLicenseIDKit.GetInstance(byte[]) IDKit.initWithLicense(byte[]) IDKit.initWithLicense(byte[])
ISegLib_SetLicenseContent ISegLib.SetLicenseContent(byte[]) SegLib.setLicenseContent(byte[])